CRAP-Craftbrewers Recycled Art Project is a Micro Business located in Guelph, Ontario (near Toronto).  It started over fifteen years ago with George and Hannah, and their passion for turning crap into CRAP was fueled by malt and yeast. "The Brewer" George, couldn't seem to throw things out and "Crafty Gal" Hannah, just didn’t want all that stuff hangin’ ’bout.

Now CRAP has a new owner - Rachael.  Her passion for sewing came from her grandfather.  He sold and repaired sewing machines for a living.  His house was always filled with stacks of machines, and an endless supply of bobbins, material, yarns, and colourful thread.  This fuelled Rachael's need for crafting anything and everything.   

Brewers CRAP Duffels

Rachael says:  Brewerscrap has been a prefect fit for me.  It combines many of the things I hold dear - sewing, beer, and living in a world with just a little less waste.

Hannah says: Getting my crafty butt out of bed every morning and rolling into my studio (which is just in the other room), was actually something that I really enjoyed. I got a huge kick out of seeing what I can make out of trash. The "Round of Beer" is my fav.

George says: There are tons of really neat things at the brewery. I get so EXCITED. I love saving the tags that come on the malt bags & shipping papers & rubber gaskets & malt bags.

Customers Say:

"the pack just arrived and it is very well made – my roommate is jealous and has his eye on it, but it is for a gift. I know my cousin will love it – I am going to put some fun local brews in it before I wrap it up! Maybe even Wachusett Blueberry Ale!!! I was pleased with my interactions with the artist/seller and would recommend them!”

"Such awesome items – unique & eco-friendly”

"Thank you! The bag and holder are great, and all the extra service of gift tag, special day delivery and even surprise birthday candies!”

"A++++ SERVICE – Love how earth concious every bit of your package was.. from the twine to the tag to the sweet note inside! Thanks soooo much.. Can’t wait to try it out!”

The previous, unsolicited, quotes are from our Etsy shop